Building an Indoor Pool: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about building an indoor pool? Here’s what you need to know when you construct an indoor pool with KB Pools. At KB Pools, we offer a wide range of pool services that will add a touch luxury to your home. We are experts in this field and can tell you all you need to know about indoor pools and the benefits they bring.

What do you need to know about building an indoor pool?Building an Indoor Pool: What You Need to Know

There will be a few questions that will pop into your mind when you’re thinking about installing a pool on your premises. Costs, construct times, and any additional facilities are just some of the important aspects that we advise you to think about.

Read below and we will tell you what you need to know about building an indoor pool.


Before you construct your new pool build, you need to establish your budget. With the backing of our pool architects, we will provide an estimated price of your indoor swimming pool. We will do this by taking into consideration the size and concept of your pool design.

If the work doesn’t meet the standards expected in the industry, you will end up wasting additional time and money on the repairs. By employing one of our pool experts, you will be in the hands of a trusted and reliable pool builder who will make sure your pool dreams come to life with just one construction saving you the additional expenses.


The optimum period to install an indoor pool is during a brand new property construction. However, if you want to add a pool design to your house, we are more than happy to install a pool whether you are undergoing renovations or not. Before construction, our team will negotiate and estimate a date of completion based on:

  • The size of the project
  • The workforce
  • Rights-of-way
  • Additional facilities (lights, motors/ pumps)

As a result, you will be able to plan your time wisely around the construction depending on the date our builders give.

Are you interested in building an indoor pool, let us convince you further when you take a look at the indoor pool designs we have constructed in our gallery.

Heating systems

It is imperative that your heating systems are economical to your pool construction. Trying to heat your pool all year round will have a devastating effect on your energy bills, especially if you don’t have a good heating system. We guarantee to install highly efficient heaters as well as employ a solar energy heating tactic that aims to reduce this cost.


As indoor pools do not fluctuate in temperature in comparison to outdoor pools, it is important that the room of your indoor pool has good ventilation measures in place. The heat of the pool often causes a rise in humidity. This humidity will damage the foundations of your property. To ensure you don’t suffer from poor infrastructure, condensation, and rust, you need to fit a working ventilation system.

For more information, about you building an indoor pool, read about our indoor pool services online.

What will KB Pools will do for you?

Choose KB Pools and you will enjoy all the fun of a summer vacation with a pool you can use all year round. Make a splash as KB Pools provides these additional benefits to your indoor pool construction:

  • 25 years industry experience
  • An array of colours, materials, and designs
  • Free no-obligation site survey and quotation
  • Quality service
  • Quick installations
  • Tailored service to you

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Swimming Pool: Taking The Plunge In Dorset

Swimming Pool: Taking The Plunge In Dorset

Have you thought about adding a swimming pool to your property? Take the plunge with our swimming pools in Dorset. Installing a swimming pool will add huge benefits to your property. That is why, at KB Pools, we want to tell you why you should install a swimming pool on your property. We will take you through the variety of designs you could choose from at our showroom in Dorset.

Dorset swimming pool designs

Choosing one of our Dorset swimming pool designs will be a hard choice and one that you shouldn’t make lightly. Here, we have listed some of the pools that we supply so that you can get a complete picture of the luxury swimming pools that we provide for your property.

Indoor/ outdoor pools

Stick to the classic styles of our indoor or outdoor pools. No matter where on your property you would like to install them, our swimming pools will bring back memories of those beautiful summer holidays abroad. See the benefits of each design whether you choose either one of the following:

Endless pools

Do you want to build your fitness? Keep fit while you swim when you install our endless pool designs in your home. Our endless pools are designed to keep a constant flow of water within your pool. This would be an ideal feature for those interested in keeping up their fitness at home. Swim against the tide in this innovative new design of our endless pools.

Wooden pools

Wooden pools are the latest pool designs to stand above the ground. These pools are pleasing to the eye and will add a touch of warmth to your pool designs. Constructed using innovative architectural designs, these swimming pools combine beauty with functionality when you fit them on your property.

Movable pool floors

Interested in a swimming pool but have little space? If there is limited room on your property but you are dying to get your hands on a swimming pool, then KB Pools will solve all your problems with our movable pool floors. When we install a movable pool floor to a room in your property, your spacious retreat will transform into an entire swimming pool right before your eyes.

Read more on how our movable pool floors work and why you should install them with us.

Additional pool accessories

If you want the luxury of your pool to last, maintaining your pool is an essential procedure you must carry out. Keeping your pool as fresh as the day you bought it requires a lot of love and attention. At KB Pools, we supply the necessary tools and equipment to maintain your pool standards including:

Take the plunge today

KB Pools are a company driven to providing the most luxurious pool products for customers across the Dorset area. When you are interested in a swimming pool, we offer a fabulous array of designs at great prices. Insured by the Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association (SPATA) you have the knowledge that a professional company will supply and fit your swimming pool in Dorset.

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Swimming Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Construction

Do you want a swimming pool in your home? At KB Pools, our swimming pool construction service will bring a touch luxury, relaxation and fun into your home. KB Pools are professional pool installers and have swimming pool designs that will refresh your property with a diverse range of swimming pool features.

Our bespoke swimming pool constructions

For 25 years, we have been providing bespoke swimming pool constructions to homes in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. We consider designs that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home in every single aspect of our construction. From wooden, indoor and technologically enhanced swimming pools, KB Pools boasts a multitude of swimming pool designs available from our stock and showrooms.

Wooden poolsBespoke Swimming Pool Construction

Our wooden pools are a favourite amongst our customers for bringing beauty and functionality together in a traditional blend. There are many swimming pool construction methods we apply to our wooden swimming pools. Whether you want reinforced borders or semi in-ground, our wooden pools are a concept that will be unique to your property.

Dovetail joints, corner finishes and red pinewood borders are just some of the finishing touches we bring to your wooden swimming pool construction.

Movable pool floors

At KB Pools, we find construction innovations that will revolutionise your swimming pool experience. When you want to utilise space in your home, at just the touch of a button your floor will be transformed into a spacious swimming pool construction.

We install these movable pool floors with versatility in mind. The multiple programming of our constructed swimming pool movable floors will maximise the usability of your pool and hall space.

Outdoor and indoor pools

When you choose KB Pools, we ensure the highest calibre of construction to your swimming pool designs. For outdoor and indoor swimming pools, we know the features you need to employ for a swimming pool you’ll love to spend time in. When we construct your swimming pool, we add the following features to your bespoke home feature:

  • High-efficiency heaters
  • Lighting
  • Pumps/ motors
  • Solar heating systems

See why you should invest in an outdoor or indoor swimming pool construction with KB Pools.

Endless pools

Using the most innovative technological designs in the industry, KB Pools will construct an endless pool in your home. What are endless swimming pools? These swimming pool construction methods are designed to generate a flow of water in your pool. These endless pools are the perfect way to bring an exercise regime into your home or business.

Read through how we will proceed in your endless pool swimming pool construction.

Working to high standards

When you want us to construct your swimming pool, you can rely on our service to be of the highest standards. We have full qualifications and accreditations by the leading bodies in swimming pool construction. Our pool engineers are insured by Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association (SPATA) and the company is registered to CORGI standards.

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Do you want a reliable swimming pool construction? KB Pool is a professional and premium swimming pool, spa and sauna supplier and installer. Contact KB Pools on 01202 518067 or email and choose your swimming pool design today.

Bournemouth Swimming Pools Designed

Movable Swimming Pool Floors

Movable Swimming Pool Floors UKHave you always wanted a swimming pool, but can’t find the space to fit it anywhere? Get in touch with KB Pools and we can solve your problem with our moveable swimming pool floors. The movable floors of our swimming pools will completely transform your room or empty space. Using the latest innovative designs in the industry, at KB Pool our swimming pools are constructed to your preferences.

What are swimming pool movable floors?

Our swimming pool movable floors are the latest design to enter the pool industry. With these designs you will benefit from the best of both worlds. Adjustable swimming pools are a modern function that is now available to the public. Here’s what you will receive with a movable floor swimming pool:


Adjustable to your preferences, our movable swimming pool floors are renowned for its accessibility. No matter whether you are an experienced swimmer or just a beginner, you can adjust the different levels of your swimming pool to your individual experience. This is great when you want to change between a paddle and a deep swim, or if you want to create that extra floor space.

Our movable swimming pool floors provide a complete versatility to your current floor space and will maximise the utility of your swimming pool.

Efficient design

One of the major attractions of installing a movable floor to your swimming pool design is the feature of having two rooms in one. No more will you have to decide if your basement will be a dance floor or swimming pool, with our movable floors you will have both.

With our innovative designs you will create a multi-functional room for you and all the family to enjoy. With a movable swimming pool floor you will be able to transform the swimming pool to whatever function room your desire, whether you want it become a gym or dance floor.

Safe swimming environment

One of the main concerns of our clients is the safety precautions of our swimming pools. If you have a family or are entertaining guests you want to ensure that you are providing a safe swimming environment. With our movable floors your swimming pools will comply with the safety regulations expected by the top organisations in the industry.

Click onto our gallery to discover the benefits of movable swimming pool floors in the home.

Benefits of choosing KB Pools

At KB Pools, we are proud to install innovative pool and spa designs to homes across the Dorset. With KB Pools you will be benefitting from the following features of our company:

  • 25 years experience
  • Experienced contractors, builders and engineers
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Secure installations
  • SPATA and CORGI certified

Get in touch

Explore the designs of our movable swimming pool floors and visit our showrooms in Wallisdown, Bournemouth. Install an innovative swimming pool solution to your unused space today. Call us on 01202 518067 or email, if preferred, to

Movable Floor Swimming Pools

Movable Floor Swimming Pools

We Offer A Fantastic Range Of Movable Floor Swimming PoolsWould you like a swimming pool and an entertainments’ hall in one? With KB Polls movable floor swimming pools, you will be provided with a professional swimming pool that will transform your property. With over 25 years experience in installing swimming pools for a range of residential and commercial properties, we know the latest technologic developments in swimming pool functions. Our movable floor swimming pools are the latest innovations in the swimming pool industry that you can get your hands on.

To read more about  our movable pool floors continue on through here.

Benefits of our swimming pool movable floors

Add value to your property when you install our swimming pool movable floor. You will no longer need two separate rooms for your swimming pool and deck floor. With adjustable pool depths, you can adapt your swimming pool into a basement hall or terrace.

Safe swimming

Do you want to host a pool party? We guarantee that with our swimming pool movable floors, all of your guests will be safe. The variable depths of the pool can be adjusted to all situations creating a child-friendly atmosphere. A secure swimming environment and your safety are at the heart of our swimming pool fittings.

Multi-functional vicinity

Transform your property and install our movable swimming pool floors. Pool basements can convert into gyms and outside swimming pools into spacious terraces; great for entertaining guests. Your entire swimming pool can be adjusted to your needs and requirements. Makes use of any limited space and transform your room into a multi-functional vicinity.

Sleek floor finish

When we install your movable swimming pool, we ensure a same floor finish. If you’re not using your swimming pool, our pool surface should blend with the floor designs of the room for a seamless fit.

Low maintenance

Are you fed up of protecting your pool in the middle of winter? Interchange your outdoor swimming pool into a sleek decking with our movable swimming pool floor. If you’re looking for a swimming pool with low maintenance, then our movable floors will be less hassle to you when your pool is not in use.

Functions of our movable swimming pool floors

Our movable swimming pool floors have multiple function capabilities. We can build your swimming pools from scratch or update your existing swimming pool by installing a movable floor. They are a growing popular demand because of its features. The movable floor functions include:

  • Adjust to different levels to suit the requirements of your room
  • Safe swimming environment
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations
  • Usable space when pool level is not in use
  • Variable depths for all situations

Discover the variable, adjustable swimming pool depths in our Gallery.

Why choose KB Pools?

Having over 25 years experience, our tradesmen are qualified building engineers that will carefully install each movable floor swimming pool to a quality finish.

Registered with top organisations like CORGI and is insured by SPATA (The Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association) you can expect a high standard of service from our team at KB Pools. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we will undertake secure installations and flexible designs that will suit your individual property.

Regular maintenance, checks and treatments we can ensure that your pool is in excellent condition throughout the year. Your contractor will make sure you swimming pools are exacted to the industry standards expected.

Explore our range of movable floor swimming pools and get in touch today. Call us on 01202 518067 or send us an email to

Wooden pools

Wooden pools

At KB Pools, we offer property owners the unique opportunity to have above ground and more wooden pools installed into their property today. A wooden pool from KB Pools is a work of art that will not have any protruding joints and will give your property a rich air of character.  We have manufactured and installed a wide range of pools for many property owners and their properties. For a service like no other, choose KB Pools today.

Our wooden pools services

KB Pools can provide your property with a wide range of wooden pools to suit the needs of every property. Unlike our competitors, all wooden pools provided by KB Pools are fitted with our unique patented system of dovetail joints; this gives our wooden pools a sleek and smooth look. Every joint is reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar that enables you to tighten the frame easily and take the frame apart easily.

A pool from KB Pools is available in a variety of options to suit your needs and the property in question. Our company provides wooden pools in the following options:

  • Free standing above ground pool
  • Semi in-ground pool
  • Submerged in-ground pool

All pools are custom fitted to meet your needs and will provide your property with years of valuable service. By choosing KB Pools, you will be dealing with a company that can design and install a wooden pool to suit all of your wooden pool needs. Our team of experts can excavate the designated area and install your new wooden pool.

All wooden pools provide by KB Pools are very safe and are child-friendly. Our wooden pools are fully customisable to suit your property and tastes. We provide pool borders in a variety of finishes such as tropical hardwood, pinewood, treated red fir and more.  We also provide Lateral supports and extra thick pool borders.

What will be provided with your wooden pool?

  • 75/00 light blue liner
  • Anti-bacterial felt
  • Comprehensive instructions and DVD for DIY build
  • Full cleaning kit (brush, vacuum cleaner, thermometer, hoses, telescopic rod)
  • Galvanised metal supports for rectangular models
  • One piece border in treated red pinewood (other options available at extra cost)
  • Sand filter including pump and all accessories (hoses, connectors, sand)
  • Stainless steel internal stairs
  • Start-up maintenance kit
  • Wooden external stairs in treated red pinewood

Contact Us

If you are interested in having a wooden pool, contact KB Pools today on 01202 518067.

Bournemouth Swimming Pool Designers

Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pool Design

Are you looking for a superb new swimming pool? If so, call KB Pools today for a wonderful swimming pool design service tailored to your requirements. With 20 years of experience in the industry, KB Pools is the company to choose.

Experience the very best designs for swimming pools by KB Pools Swimming Pool Design

When it comes to designing swimming pools that ooze class, our company knows a thing or two. A swimming pool designed to meet your property needs will be the ultimate statement in luxury. You also have to consider the health benefits which simply cannot be understated.

At KB Pools, we provide the finest designs for swimming pools to help you live a healthier lifestyle in the privacy of your home.

What can KB Pools provide for you?

Indoor Pools

When you hire our professional company, we can create a bespoke swimming pool design that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of swimming all-year-around. Whatever the size of your property, we can tailor all aspects of your indoor pool including width and length requirements.

Our team can install a swimming pool that will feature an array of fantastic benefits including:

  • High-efficiency heaters
  • Pumps and motors
  • Range of superb lighting
  • Reduced issues with condensation
  • Rust resistance
  • Solar heating systems

Outdoor Pools

When you are looking for great designs for swimming pools, an outdoor pool is a great investment for any property, and our team will design a pool to your exact requirements. This is a cost-effective investment as you will not have to deal with the costs of heating your pool which can be extensive.

Endless Pools

With a built-in propulsion unit capable of creating 5,000 gallons of water per minute, the endless pool is in a whole league of its own. The endless pool has adjustable settings that can be set to meet the exercise requirements of every customer. So if you fancy a gentle swim or something more taxing, this pool is a great option.

At KB Pools, we can create completely new endless swimming pool designs as well as retrofit existing pools.

Movable Pool Floors

The one sizeable drawback with any pool is the space it will inevitably take up. There is, however, a better way. At KB Pools, our expert staff can create superb movable floor designs for swimming pools that will revolutionise how you use your living space. These can be built into new pools as well as existing ones and can be adjusted to make the pool shallower or conceal it entirely.

In addition to the above, KB Pools can also add the finishing touches to your swimming pool designs with a superb range of chemicals, safety covers, and telescopic enclosures.

Why choose KB Pools?

At KB Pools, we have listed below some of the great benefits of choosing our company to create your swimming pool designs today:

  • CORGI registered
  • SPATA backed warranties
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Free site surveys
  • Competitive prices

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For the best swimming pool design, KB Pools is the company to choose. For more information contact us today on 01202 518 067.