The Endless Pool Swim Spa

What happens when you combine the wonderful contours of a spa with the enjoyable compact nature of an endless pool? You have the Endless Pool Swim Spa, which is the perfect solution to the stresses of modern day life. So whether you choose to sit back and relax in the spa seat or have a cleansing swim for everyday fitness, the Endless Pool Swim Spa is the perfect place to unwind.

At KB Pools, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers this extremely viable product which has specially designed to be installed virtually anywhere. Many customers choose to have this product installed on their deck or patio. However at KB Pools, we can install the spa indoors as it is comes pre-plumbed which enables it to be installed onto any level surface. So if your inner surface can support the weight of the spa, we can install it there. The spa itself is encased in a gorgeous cedar cabinet

The Endless Pool Swim Spa has a wide range of features that make it a welcome addition to any home. Underwater lighting and jets within the spa can be controlled within easy reach from the spa seats and there is a remote control function that will enable you to turn the swim current on or off and the speed can be adjusted from a simple breast stroke to a challenging hundred yard swim. The spa seats have been specifically designed to aid access in and out of the spa, and it will allow you to build a deck of stairs if you wish.

Swim Spa Specifications:

• 7”10” x 15” footprint
• 7” x 13’6” swimming area
• Water capacity: 1,950 gallons
• Overall height: 50”
• Water depth: 42”
• Two spa seats with 10 therapy jets
• 1 hp jet pump
• Underwater lighting
• Acrylic shell backed with fibreglass
• Foam insulation throughout
• 3/4” cedar skirting
• 4kw electric heater
• UV water purifier
• Swim current generator: 5hp

Swim Spa Options:

• Interior colour choice: Caribbean or sand
• High performance 6 hp swim current generator
• 7” high-visibility led swim pace display
• Underwater mirror
• 4” rigid insulating cover (brown or grey)
• Manual or automatic retractable security cover
• 3/8″ polymer cabinet skirting in cedar or slate

Endless Swim Spa