Safety Covers

Why choose a Dripool safety cover?

  • Keeps pools safe, clean, and warm
  • Fully automatic key switch security
  • One cover for all seasons….. Winter and summer
  • Covers indoor and outdoor pools
  • Covers any shape rectangular, kidney, freeform
  • Covers any type of pool…. Freeboard, deck level, concrete, line
  • Controls humidity in indoor pools by totally sealing the pool
  • Tailor made to suit your pool
  • Unique flush fitting patented track…. No steps or ledges to trip over
Safety Covers
Safety Covers

As can be seen from the diagrams below the DRIPOOL Automatic Cover System can be fitted to almost any shape of pool.

DRIPOOL only designs and manufactures automatic covers so they have a personal stake in every system, and with expert advice, back up and spare parts from an English based company, you can be guaranteed optimum after sales care for each customer.

DRIPOOL covers are simple to operate; they keep your pool clean and most importantly, SAFE.

Below are a few more examples of DRIPOOL covers. Notice how unobtrusive the system is when you want to enjoy your pool.

Here are two examples of coloured DRIPOOL covers in operation. The range comes in 16 different colours; however the recommended colour is dark blue as this is a good Solar Collector and is visually attractive. The cover itself is made from high quality re-enforced PVC fabric which is lacquered on both sides to extend life and make cleaning easier:


The DRIGLIDE is an under-coping, automatic swimming pool safety cover designed for fitting to NEW RECTANGULAR POOLS, whilst under construction. For retrofits, the DRIPOOL is more suitable.

The DRIGLIDE system overcomes the traditional problems of under-coping covers e.g. jamming, wear, ugly front beams, rainwater removal, housing floods and flimsy covers.

DRIGLIDE can be fitted to most new pool builds, liner, block, panel and concrete.