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Do you want a unique and pleasurable way to relax and forget everyday stresses? Then why not relax in your very own spa built to your needs by KB Pools. The benefits of a regular spa are endless and will also add value to your home. Our company has amassed 20 years of experience in supplying the best spas and Jacuzzis to many homes and properties throughout Bournemouth.  For all of your spa supplier Bournemouth needs, KB Pools is the company for you and your property.

Our spa services

At KB Pools, we have a diverse range of spas and Jacuzzis in stock today to meet the needs of every customer. So whether you require a spa for socialising and entertainment purposes, to having a spa for a bit of personal down-time after a hard day of working, you will find the perfect spa or Jacuzzi for your Bournemouth at KB Pools.

We stock a wide range of Jacuzzis in our Wallisdown showroom so that you can see for yourself the quality and level of detail and attention that goes into producing every Jacuzzi. To ensure that you are sure that a spa or Jacuzzi is suitable for your needs, we have a special wet test room whereby you can try out the spa for yourself. We can provide your property with the following spas and Jacuzzi ranges:

Unique Interior and Exterior range

The Unique range is a welcome addition to any home or property and will compliment any room due to the smart and minimalistic design. Products from this range are fitted with exquisite wooden panelling that will add character to any room in which it is installed. There are three ergonomic seats that come with their very own hydrotherapeutic settings that can be adjusted to the tastes of the seated person. This tub also features the overflow and emptying method which allows users to choose whether they spend their time in the hot tub indoors or outdoors.

Skyline hot tub range

The Skyline range is famed for their wonderful construction that is very endearing to the eye due to the standout wooden panelling and tub construction. It is one of our most flexible hot tubs as it can be adapted to suit every location. It features a relaxing and distinctive wave flow feature that will make relaxing in this hot tub an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

J-400 range

The J-400 spa range is one of the largest and best of its type on the market. The sheer size of the J-400 range is to be reckoned with, and you will be able to socialise with friends and family in sheer comfort. A key feature of this range is the powerful jets contained within the tub that target specific areas within the body and can be customised to your tastes. Another great feature of the J-400 is the waterfall feature that not only illuminates, but projects a wonderful rush of water. There are also glass holders and headrests in the J-400.

J-300 hot tub range

The J-300 range is fitted with PowerPro jets that will act as a refreshing and enjoyable experience whilst stimulating the body in certain areas; the jets can be adjusted to suit the needs of every user. The hot tubs within this range are available from 2-to-7 seaters.

J-200 hot tub range

The J-200 provides customers with a luxurious and relaxing Jacuzzi hot tub experience. At KB Pools, we can supply the J-200 range in a range of colours to suit your tastes. The J-200 is an investment into your home that you will not regret as its powerful jets heightens the sensory experience, and it will soothe every part of your body.

Endless Pool Swim Spa

The Endless Pool Swim Spa is a by-product combination of the Endless Pool with its changing currents and a normal spa. At KB Pools, we are proud to offer our customers the Endless Pool Swim Spa, which is one of our most flexible products and can be installed into a wide range of locations. This is a product that is ideal for customers who want the relaxation benefits that a spa provides with the health benefits of a swimming pool.

On your request, the current can be changed from a gentle swim to a more vigorous challenge and back again. The spa also has underwater lighting and jets to heighten the spa experience.

We also provide chemicals that are specially designed for spa use, for more information please click here.

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At KB Pools, we are dedicated to providing our customers and their properties with the best spas and hot tubs in Bournemouth. Our company has years of experience, and we have established a reputation as one of the top spa suppliers in Bournemouth. For more information on our superb spa supplying service in Bournemouth, do not hesitate to contact our team on 01202 518 067.