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Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pool Design

Are you looking for a superb new swimming pool? If so, call KB Pools today for a wonderful swimming pool design service tailored to your requirements. With 20 years of experience in the industry, KB Pools is the company to choose.

Experience the very best designs for swimming pools by KB Pools Swimming Pool Design

When it comes to designing swimming pools that ooze class, our company knows a thing or two. A swimming pool designed to meet your property needs will be the ultimate statement in luxury. You also have to consider the health benefits which simply cannot be understated.

At KB Pools, we provide the finest designs for swimming pools to help you live a healthier lifestyle in the privacy of your home.

What can KB Pools provide for you?

Indoor Pools

When you hire our professional company, we can create a bespoke swimming pool design that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of swimming all-year-around. Whatever the size of your property, we can tailor all aspects of your indoor pool including width and length requirements.

Our team can install a swimming pool that will feature an array of fantastic benefits including:

  • High-efficiency heaters
  • Pumps and motors
  • Range of superb lighting
  • Reduced issues with condensation
  • Rust resistance
  • Solar heating systems

Outdoor Pools

When you are looking for great designs for swimming pools, an outdoor pool is a great investment for any property, and our team will design a pool to your exact requirements. This is a cost-effective investment as you will not have to deal with the costs of heating your pool which can be extensive.

Endless Pools

With a built-in propulsion unit capable of creating 5,000 gallons of water per minute, the endless pool is in a whole league of its own. The endless pool has adjustable settings that can be set to meet the exercise requirements of every customer. So if you fancy a gentle swim or something more taxing, this pool is a great option.

At KB Pools, we can create completely new endless swimming pool designs as well as retrofit existing pools.

Movable Pool Floors

The one sizeable drawback with any pool is the space it will inevitably take up. There is, however, a better way. At KB Pools, our expert staff can create superb movable floor designs for swimming pools that will revolutionise how you use your living space. These can be built into new pools as well as existing ones and can be adjusted to make the pool shallower or conceal it entirely.

In addition to the above, KB Pools can also add the finishing touches to your swimming pool designs with a superb range of chemicals, safety covers, and telescopic enclosures.

Why choose KB Pools?

At KB Pools, we have listed below some of the great benefits of choosing our company to create your swimming pool designs today:

  • CORGI registered
  • SPATA backed warranties
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Free site surveys
  • Competitive prices

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For the best swimming pool design, KB Pools is the company to choose. For more information contact us today on 01202 518 067.